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Groups of 12s and 3s

Shadycrest Baptist believes that for every believer to grow and mature, they need to be connected to other believers in small groups to study the Word, pray, share their struggles and lives together. These groups are set up as Jesus did them in the New Testament - in groups of 12 and 3.

Discipleship groups of 3 people  meet together each week to encourage one another, to grow spiritually, study the Bible, and to make new friends along life's journey. Discipleship groups of 12 take place on Sunday mornings and in evening groups of men and women.

There are at least four reasons we would encourage you to join a discipleship group:

  1. Weekly bible study will help you grow in your faith.

  2. Prayer support from others will help you through the hard times and the trials of life.

  3. Connect relationally because God means for us to live in community.

  4. Enjoy the encouragement and accountability of doing life together with people who are going through the same things you are.

We are willing to work hard to help you find a small group that is right for you! We know you will be glad you did!

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